I’ve had a lovely day today for my birthday, I got breakfast in bed with doggies and kitty, JA made me french toast and a surprise milkshake mmmm YUM. Afterward I went op-shopping with Lala and got some great books and things for my market stall, then JA and I went and saw Red at Dendy Premium Lounge (I loooove Premium Lounge). And for dinner JA cooked yummy hamburgers (though after all the food at Dendy I didn’t really need dinner). I also got many many lovely phone and facebook messages, which is always nice! So I was thoroughly spoiled, my lovely friends will be pleased to know =)

To share the love, I’m kicking off the countdown to my new collection launch with a giveaway! All the details are over on the Mikaela website, there’s 2 weeks to enter and you could win one of the lovely items below (there will be three winners). So get on it! =)
Mikaela Handmade Giveaway