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As part of my to-do list, I plan to go on 30 dates with my husband, in the next 1001 days (starting in October 2009 and finishing in July 2012). The reason I’ve put this on my to-do list is because we plan to have babies pretty soon, and everyone keeps saying “enjoy your time together before you do”.

So starting from October 2009, these are the dates we’ve gone on (movie dates count).

1. UP (9.5/10)
I loved this movie, and I’m glad I saw it with JA. It was so emotionally draining, but at the same time so uplifting and just awesomely amazing. Definitely getting it on DVD.

2. District 9 (7.5/10)
This was one of those movies you have to see, but I’m unlikely to ever want to watch it again. I know terrible things happen in the world like racism, bigotry, and discrimination, I don’t want to have to think deeply about it for 3 hours straight and just feel utterly helpless. Even if the story is about aliens, I see what the message is. JA says I think too much and should just get my brain to shut up and enjoy the movie =P

3. Breakfast date in Belconnen after dropping off my car for a service
We went to the cafe across the road from the Mall, on the Zefferelli side. It was yummo (perhaps because we were starving), just simple bacon & eggs with tomato & sausages. mmmm, making me hungry thinking about it.

4. Zombieland (8/10)
Such a silly movie, but so funny and gross and just good. Definitely able to switch my brain off for this one and just enjoy it. Might get it on DVD for fun.

5. Failed dinner out attempt Turkish @ home = bliss
I got dressed up and everything! We wanted to go to Zefferelli’s for pizza but they were still closed over the xmas/new year break, so we went and got Turkish take-away from the Turkish Pide house in Jamieson and Oh. My. Zucchini balls I could eat FOREVER.

6. Avatar (3/10)
I know I am in the tiny tiny minority, but I didn’t like this movie at ALL. I thought it was terrible. And JA was right there with me. Afterward we found out we were both independently thinking about walking out. Of course, the visuals were amazing. No one could debate that. But that does NOT make up for the poor story line, lack of depth in the characters, SLOW moving plot and the BOREDOM. Oh my god, the boredom. The very best part of the whole movie was when a little insect did a cool spinny thing in the air in 3D. Without the 3D, this movie would be abysmal, and definitely does not deserve all the accolades it is receiving.

7. Sherlock Holmes (8/10)
I love Robert Downey Jnr. I really like Sherlock Holmes, it was a fun ride. Cool fight scenes, good characters, just enough background info to get you thinking but not laying it all out for you. I think I’ll be getting this on DVD.

8. Lunch date at Noodle House in Fyshwick yumyumyum
Really fast service, huge meal size, cheap, and delicious. Definitely a winner!

9. Our 1st Anniversary Movie, Dinner, Party
We went to see Alice in Wonderland (not amazing, unfortunately) in the Dendy Premium lounge (which was10. 11. & 12. Our QLD Trip Lots of dinner dates, movies, and a day on the beach
Thai, Mexican, Italian, Coffee & Tea, Bacon and Eggs, walks to the grocery store, Toy Story 3, too much internet on the iPhone, snotty noses, afternoon scones and cake… I ♥ my husband.

13. Inception 10/10
What a fantastic movie! We saw this at Dendy in Civic after the yummy obligatory Butter Chicken for dinner (shared) and a quick browse in Borders. I love love LOVED it. So clever. So confusing (so proud of myself that I didn’t actually get confused, not once). Winner.

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