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I love new design books!

I love new design books!

Today I got 3 in the mail care of Amazon, and last week I got one with a Borders book voucher I got for Christmas from Erin. weeeeee =)

Also I made a tumblr account, I’m going to do a 365 photographs project where I plan to show 365 of my own original photos throughout the year. I’m going to try and post every day but the goal here is to get 365 photos up, so I might do a couple in one day and then miss a day or 2, we’ll see how I go =) Check it out: mikaelad.tumblr.com

My current want/wish list

My current want/wish list

I find it really hard to buy anything over $100 if it’s not part of a plan (ie room makeover) or a gift. But if I could shake this frugal thinking, these are the first things I would go out and buy:

Roomba robot vacuum, would be great for my wooden floors that have doggie fur on them every. single. day.
irobot Roomba

Fuji Instax Instant Camera would be so fun to play with.
Fuji Instax

Speaking of playing, definitely lusting over the iPad.

Annnnd I’ve wanted a GHD for awhile.

So now I need to sell lots of goodies at the markets to be able to buy one of these =) Wish me luck!