Today I am…

I’ve recently fallen back in touch with someone I used to do web design for, the lovely and talented Elise of LeCoCo [portraits by Elise]. She was kind enough to link to me in her latest blog post, so I’d like to do the same! She also gave me fuel for todays post, and I am totally ripping off her “today I am” prompts:

Today I am…


How it came to be that I am SO good at procrastination.


Things would not take so long to happen. Patience is not one of my virtues.


Bella on my lap, Girds on the floor, Harley wagging her little bum like crazy to get her big brother’s attention, and Rowdy in his little box bed.


Ham and cheese multigrain rolls. I can hear your excitement from here. Something yummy for dinner though I bet!

blog stalking..

Frou Frou Fashionista, but specifically the Bubble Chandelier DIY post

happy about..

How well my preparations for the markets are going, and also for the Mikaela Handmade online store! ALSO, Chloé comes home in just over a week, hooray! I’ve missed my bestie =P


Everything comes together in the next few months.

just discovered..

inspired by..

so many things! One being the passion & work ethic of some people at work [kate]. Another being the designers of oh-so-many pretty things I saw in Shop Handmade yesterday. Wowsers.

ok, gotta get back to work!

An inspirational story

I came across a link to the ACT Government initiative, Brilliant Idea via MisChief Maker is one journey that inspires me so much! Luckily I’m not the corporate high-flier to begin with, so I don’t have to go through the massive life change to get to where I want to be, but the retail decisions, smart marketing ideas and charity fundraisers really hits the spot with me.

Well done Kate of MisChief Maker!

Image copyright MisChief Maker

From the MisChief Maker Website:

Another thing that we are known for around Canberra, are our fabulous local events for mums, children and families. We have some great events happening this year. First up are our annual Easter festivities, which include a colouring competition for kids, an Easter bonnet parade and Easter egg hunt. In June we will be running our hugely successful Babies in Beanies competition to find Canberra’s cutest baby (open to 0 to five year olds). And back by popular demand will be our high tea event – an afternoon of sipping fine teas, smooth jazz and delectable treats.

Favourite Blogs (right now)

I have a big bunch of blogs in my Google Homepage feed, but these are the ones I like to check on every day or so:

#1. The Happy Home – Belinda

Belinda’s blog is so inspirational, almost every single post has an idea in it that I want to try. She is really stylishly crafty, with lots of DIY projects for the home and lovely ideas for kids rooms.

#2. Nine Months to Life – Sarah

I started reading Sarah blog about 4 or so months ago, when she was 5 months into her pregnancy and anticipating the arrival of little Adelyn Belle. She has now given birth to her beautiful baby and blogs about her day to day experiences with lots of honesty and a great writing style.

#3. The Shabby Nest – Wendy

Wendy is an amazing woman from the states who can turn even a rental property into a lovely home, without marking the walls! Her blog is her journey in her previous home as an owner and now current home as a tenant, styling the homes to create a warm, welcoming environment without breaking the bank. I think I may have blogged about The Shabby Nest once before!

#4. Allison Waken

Allison is currently completing her personal photographic project, 28 Thing I Love in February, with a photo every day in February of something she loves. It’s lovely to pop in every couple of days and catch up on the last few, and her photographic style is absolutely gorgeous.

#5. Mod Podge Rocks – Amy

SO many fun little projects to try over on Amy’s blog, especially with little kiddies, all featuring Mod Podge. The thing I love about Amy’s blog is that she features projects that people have done and have blogged about, and they all range from little trinkets to large scale home styling projects.

Add my blog to your RSS feed!

RSSYou may have noticed I broke my blog the other day, when I was trying to exclude some categories from the RSS feed. I have now managed to exclude the sponsored posts on my site from the feed, so it is much cleaner, nicer (less spammy), and relevant. So hop to it, follow Mikaela’s blog!

If you’re interested in how I excluded the specific categories (and how I broke it), here it is:

Firstly I just tried excluding them using the Advanced Category Excluder plugin (which works a treat for other things), but figured out the reason it wasn’t working was because I use feedburner and it doesn’t take into account the plugin settings.

I then tried to exclude the categories by editing my functions.php file. Bad idea. I’m no good at php and messed the whole site up. Luckily I had a backup at home from when I’d upgraded wordpress last week so it was an easy fix to just replace the new functions.php with the old one. But I was still at square one.

Finally I came across this tutorial at, which (along with the helpful comments) worked beautifully.

So add the RSS feed, it’s visitor friendly now =) While you’re at it, sign up to my newsletter! I’m about to start sending out “Total Newbie Photo Tips” to help budding photographers get awesome results like this:

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