January To-Do List

I have 6 months before I go back to work. I want to get a LOT of stuff done around the house before that happens, so I need to get a wriggle on.

Here’s my list that I want to get done this month!

  • Paint Bathroom cornice and ceiling (and post final bathroom reveal)
  • Buy new TV cabinet
  • Get quotes for Living Room blinds
  • Weed pavers (left area)
  • Put all weeds and branches etc in trashpak
  • Pull weeds from big front garden bed
  • Paint timber sides of skinny front garden bed
  • Transfer soil & wood chips to big front garden bed
  • Plant new plants in big front garden bed
  • Get blinds installed in Living Room
  • Move BBQ
  • Set up pot plant light out the back

Ok that’s probably enough for this month!

Our Christmas Tree! 2011

Our Christmas Tree! 2011

This year I cut down my own tree! And it’s AMAZING, even if I say so myself =)

I went to Christmas Tree Keng, a property out past the Tulip Farm on the Highway to Sydney that grow radiata pines specifically for Christmas! They hand prune their trees to be the perfect shape, and you can cut them yourself so they are super fresh. Any tree costs $48 no matter what size (cheaper than the Belco Markets!)… Can you tell I loved my experience? I’ll be going here every year from now on =)

So on the 1st of December out I went, and surveyed the options.
Mikaela Christmas Tree Farm

This baby was about 1.5m tall (perfect to put on top of our dining table), and was nice and close to the path (I was wearing thongs and there was long grass, perfect for snakes!). So down she went!
Mikaela Christmas Tree
And she fit nicely into the back of my car alongside the pram =P

It took me three days to finish the decorating (babies are time consuming), and 2 weeks to blog about it, but it’s up and I’m very happy =D
Mikaela Christmas Tree Decorating

Happy Holidays everyone!
Mikaela Christmas Tree Decorating

{BATHROOM RENOVATION} Update with progress photos!

{BATHROOM RENOVATION} Update with progress photos!

So we have now been without a working shower for around 17 days (who’s counting?), and it will be another 7-10 days until the shower screen goes in. Luckily, with besties and in-laws and parentals living so close, we are not that stinky, and have been bathing regularly =P As of today though, the silicon is dry, and we have the go ahead to turn on the taps again! So, screenless, I will be having a shower tomorrow, with our fancy now shower head pumping out hot steamy goodness onto my shoulders (it’s a 3 star water-saver, not great, but not too horrible, just have to keep the showers short!), and probably also onto every other surface in the room and out into the hallway…

Here are some progress photos of the job so far (I LOVE my tradies, they have all been excellent, and big props go to long time friend Robbie for organising everything for me):

Mikaela Bathroom Renovation Cleanout

Mikaela Bathroom Renovation Demolition

Of course when it came to waiting for the shower cement base to set, Bella was not very helpful:
Mikaela Bathroom Renovation

Mikaela Bathroom Renovation Tiling

And what we’re up to as of today (but I’ve now swept it out a bit):
Mikaela Bathroom Renovation  Fitout

Can’t wait for the mirror cabinets to go in so I can put all the junk back away! =)

{BATHROOM RENO} All systems are go!

{BATHROOM RENO} All systems are go!

After a long long wait (almost 2 years since my last post about it!), buying all the parts, finding the right people and saving enough money, our bathroom renovation is finally under way! As I type this from my mum & dad’s place, my friend Rob is at our place de-tiling, patching and whatever else needs doing to prep the room for it’s makeover. He came around last night and bashed a few good holes in the wall, so there was no turning back from there!

I’ll post some progress photos over the next couple of days, but this is the bathroom in it’s “before” state:

Small Bathroom Renovation

I can’t wait for it to be done, it’s going to be so fantastic! =D

Nursery Design Reveal – Part 2 (doing the sums)

Nursery Design Reveal – Part 2 (doing the sums)

After revealing the nursery the other week, I promised a follow-up on all the bits and bobs, where I got stuff and how much it cost.

So here it is! I’ve broken everything down into sections, to make it easier in my own head.

Mikaela Nursery Product Info

Wall Decal – Etsy, LeoLittleLion, with shipping total cost $120, DIY installation
LampRed Berry Designs on special at Mathilda’s Markets, $40 (handmade!)
Cloud MobileDIY Project, total cost about $6 (handmade!)
Green mobileIkea Kids, $10
Elephant MirrorsScoops Design at the Handmade Markets, gift from my muma =)
Elephant LED MobileLittle Night Delights at the Southbank Markets in Brisbane, $35
Green Baby OwlPlushka’s Craft, $30 (handmade!)
Teddy Bear PlaymatBabies Direct, another gift from my lovely mum =)
Wall Flowers – Unit Concepts in Braddon (or find them online here), $40
Giraffe Growth Chart Mirror – I’ve had this since I was a little kid! No idea where it came from, sorry…

Mikaela - Nursery Overview


Carpet – Bunnings, approx $250, DIY laying
Walls – Bunnings, “Dulux Plunge”, approx $65, DIY painting
Blinds – Metal Venetians on sale at Spotlight (not the right size for the window), $45ish, DIY installation
Curtains – Spotlight eyelet curtains by the meter, 3.5m (I actually should have bought at least 6m in hindsight), $150ish (including rods etc), DIY installation
Doors & Trims – White Enamel paint from Bunnings (to go over a pink trim, we tried using water based and it sucks, stick with enamel for this), $40ish, DIY painting

Mikaela - Nursery Overview


Crib – Toys’R’Us on sale, $150 down from $400-ish originally
White bookshelf – Aussie Junk (2nd hand at the tip), DIY repainting, $5
Chest of DrawersMalm Chest from Ikea, $99
ShelvesLack Floating shelves from Ikea, $70 for 3, DIY installation
Glider – 2nd hand off GumTree.com.au for $20, DIY seat cover and new cushion, total cost $85

Mikaela Nursery Cot

So, by my calculations (which could be slightly off), this entire room cost only $1240 to complete, top to bottom. That’s pretty damn good if you ask me. Especially if you think about what it looked like before:
Mikaela Nursery Before


Nursery Design Reveal! Part 1

Nursery Design Reveal! Part 1

As promised, here is our baby room, all finished and ready for the kid to occupy =)

I will post a “Part 2” soon with details of everything (where to buy and DIY’s).

Let me know what you think!

Mikaela - Nursery Design

Mikaela - Nursery Tree Decal

Mikaela - Nursery Toys

Mikaela - Nursery Wall

Mikaela - Nursery Elephants

Mikaela - Nursery Growth Chart Mirror

Mikaela - Nursery DIY Mobile

Mikaela - Nursery Cot

Mikaela - Nursery LED Mobile

Mikaela - Nursery Cupboards

Mikaela - Nursery Flowers

Mikaela - Nursery Bookshelf

Mikaela - Nursery Bookshelf

And for a sense of scale (the room is not tiny but baby furniture is huge!), room overview:
Mikaela - Nursery Overview

Mikaela - Nursery Overview