My First Christmas Ginger(Vanilla)bread House

Mikaela gingerbread house snowman

Last week I went to a new friend’s house (Rachel – Orange Whisk) with some other lovely handmade friends (Stacey – Cheeky Textiles & Jenny – Posie Patchwork) for a Gingerbread house decorating party! I’ve never done a gingerbread house before, because I really dislike Gingerbread. Luckily for me though, Rachel was kind enough to make me a house template made from Vanilla Cookie dough instead =D
Mikaela gingerbread house tinsel

I had SO much fun!
Mikaela gingerbread house roof

It was surprisingly a lot easier than I thought it would be to do the decorating (never mind it took me 4 hours, because I had little Rafa with me and ended up having to sway with him in a sling while trying to pipe the straight lines on the roof).
Mikaela gingerbread house snow

I love all the little spinkles you can get these days to decorate with! We had little sugar snow flakes, and tiny peppermint candy canes!
Mikaela gingerbread house wreath

I’m pretty pleased with my creation, you can see my tiny wreath above (another reason it took me 4 hours perhaps? Maybe a bit too much of a perfectionist. Though it’s definitely not perfect, will have to do much better next year!).

It’s a small house, to get a sense of scale here’s a photo next to a mug (hence the difficulty of the wreath):
Mikaela gingerbread house scale

And of course, what DIY project by Mikaela would be complete without something messing up! One of my walls fell in when I put the roof on. I didn’t line things up properly and even though the “cement” for the wall had set, the roof knocked it in. Rookie mistake.
Mikaela gingerbread house dud-wall

And OF COURSE, after taking all these photos, I left the room for 30 seconds and Girds took a nice big bite out of the whole thing. Lucky it was on the dodgy side =P
Mikaela gingerbread house bad dog

Do you make Gingerbread Houses for Christmas? Did you make one this year? I’d love to see some other creations!
Mikaela gingerbread house

{DIY} Baby Shower Jungle Cake

For Katie’s baby shower back in September I decorated a cake to match her Jungle Animals theme, it was lots of fun and I LOVE how it turned out!

I’ve come to realise I’m definitely more of a decorator than a baker, so I bought a chocolate mud cake from The Cheesecake Shop and decorated that. I bought the icing sugar animals along with the ladybugs and butterflies, and made the vines and leaves myself from fondant icing mix and regular food colouring. Next time I’ll try making everything myself from the fondant mix =)

{How to} post coming soon!

Mikaela baby shower cake jungle animals

Coffee Illustrations #3

I’ve got a few to catch up on here!

Love Heart:

Erm… me doing Pilates? I admit to failure on this one:

This one is also bad. It was supposed to be a star, not sure what went wrong…

Finally, a winner! Cloudy Day:

Too tired to do anything properly:

Epic Fail at writing “love”:

Success! Love:


I guess this silly little coffee illustration thing I do is kind of like temporary street art. Time consuming and difficult, and short-lasting, but fun. So however street art people justify that form of art, I’ll just CMD+C CMD+V please.

My life in Instagram #2

4 weeks and 1 day left of work. I have so many projects I want to do once I’m off! Hope my ever-growing belly can handle them…

Urban Combi Pram
Our Pram! The Urban Combi Walker Prestige (wanky name or what?)
Making Burgers with JA's dad
Making a cake!
Making a cake!
Naughty dog Girds got to sample it before we did
Naughty dog Girds got to sample it before we did
Making my baby shower invitations =D
Making my baby shower invitations =D
Sewing a ribbon edge onto a little minky blanket
Sewing a ribbon edge onto a little minky blanket
Mutant Capsicum!
Mutant Capsicum!
Bella - 10pm crazy face
Bella - 10pm crazy face

Baby Shower invites post coming soon! Hopefully before I finish work in 4 weeks. And one day.

Christmas food roundup

My life fairly regularly revolves around food, I really love it. We hosted both Christmases this year, Christmas Eve with JA’s dad, Katie and Pete, and Christmas day with Mum & Dad, Aunt Lynelle & Rob, Nandy, and Miriam joined us this year too. So I needed to make a lot of food! Lucky for me, mum organised a massive leg of ham, as well as a yummy salad, and Pete got 5 kilos of prawns through his work, so we were set for those too. Here are some piccies of everything we pigged out on enjoyed over the past couple of days:
Christmas Food
Clockwise from Top: Appertisers; Lobster; Potato Salad; Ferrero Rocher Choccies; Prawns; Fruit Salad; Fruit Salad (we had this for dessert on mini meringues with fresh whipped cream mmmm yum); snacks & presents; my Pasta Salad; Roast Chicken; Ham, Turkey, Pumpkin & Fetta Salad, Grape Tomato & Bocconcini appertisers.

Today we went to the Hellenic Club in Woden to have lunch with my extended family, I went with the Chicken Snitty, it’s always a winner.

We have about 15kg’s of ham leg left over in our fridge, so I think we’ll be having ham sandwiches for dinner!

Thanksgiving 2010 recap

This is the first year I’ve hosted a thanksgiving, I think I’d like to make it a tradition with our friends from now on. They really enjoyed the novelty of it, since not a lot of Aussies celebrate Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving day we had JA’s dad, his sister Katie & her boyfriend Pete, Chloé & Scott, and Lexi over for thanksgiving dinner. I think I enjoyed it because I didn’t have to actually do anything in preparation. The Thursday was our biggest deadline of the year at work, where we have to have all the students marks done to give back to them (“Handback day”), so there was no chance of me doing any house cleaning or food prep during the week leading up to Thursday. Luckily for me, I have an amazing husband, who came home early and cleaned the whole house. His dad then came over with a big turkey and candied yams (sweet potato & marshmallows) to bake. Katie brought scalloped potatoes, and Clo and Lex both brought salads. It was a feast! Yum.

Then on Sunday evening we had another family dinner at JA’s mom’s place, with Katie and Pete again, my mum, and Pete’s parents. Thanksgiving at Susan’s is always really nice, and so very filling, and this time we got to share it with new people so that was fun too.

Ahhh my favourite past-time… food. nom nom nom