Introducing baby Rafa

Rafael Danvers Del Castillo was born on Wednesday 12th October at 10.45pm weighing 4.29kg, after a drug free, natural 6-9 hour labour (depending on who you talk to).

He is the cutest thing ever.

Here he is showing us his dukes:
Mikaela Baby Rafael

We’re all doing extremely well, and I cannot rave enough about the midwives at Calvary Private during our stay, they were amazing and every one of them just so friendly and lovely, I felt very well cared for. So now we are home the adventures begins!

I will be putting up a photo album of the little man as well as a subtle version of my birth story on the Baby page soon =)

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8 thoughts on “Introducing baby Rafa”

  1. Hi Mikaela,

    Congratulations on your healthy baby boy!

    I found your website awhile ago from the handmade markets and have been sneaking peeks at your gorgeous growing bump ever since.

    Thanks for sharing your journey so far.

    Goodluck on this new phase of your life.


  2. This is, without a doubt, the most beautiful baby photo I’ve ever seen. Of any baby. Anywhere.

    Congratulations on your photography AND your breeding skills! :D


  3. Hi Mikaela, congratulations to you both on the arrival of Rafael, he is so beautiful. I read the news in the Bespokezine, message from Jess, it is lovely to see your photos, and I think we all have wonderful photos of Daddy & Babe asleep together, they look so cute. Enjoy the wonderful journey of being parents, best wishes Marion.

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