4 Months Old

Raf 4 months old

My baby boy is getting so interesting now!
Mikaela baby

He is grabbing and holding objects, doing crunches (wanting to sit up), squawking a lot, taking swimming lessons and going to gymbaroo. During tummy time he brings his knees in but can’t yet coordinate the arms at the same time. He has tried some “solids” (watery soup consistency rice cereal) but wasn’t impressed by it.

He also drools a lot:
Raf 4 months old

He’s a big chubster, and we’re pretty taken with him =)
Raf 4 months old

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4 thoughts on “4 Months Old”

  1. haha that is so cute. Happy four months Rafa, Mummy and Daddy.

    I call 0-4 months the slug stage. So far it has all been more interesting and fun from there. Six months and sitting up is probably the next huge one coming your way :).


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